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Lviv is considered the second capital of Ukraine. It is located in the western part of the country, on the border with Poland, and has an impressive, yet complex legacy. The town was founded still in the 13th century by King Daniel of Galicia and named in honor of his son Lev.
Throughout its history, Lvov has always been a large trade center and in various periods was part of numerous states and empires that left their traces on its history, culture and architecture. Lemberg, Lwów, Lvov, Lviv – all these names belong to one city and define the territorial allegiance in different periods to Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland, Soviet Union and finally Ukraine.

Feel the ambience

If you correspond with the woman from a Lviv marriage agency, she will surely tell you a lot about her city. Moreover, she will be happy to acquaint you with its most interesting places.
The city is an eyeful, no doubts about that. Apart from its stunning old architecture, exquisite sculptures, spectacular churches and temples, this place is also renowned for its delicious cuisine, excellent coffee and great beer. Likewise, one should not disregard the cultural and entertaining aspects of the city’s life. It is full of museums, theatres, cinemas, as well as cafes, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs.

The city regularly holds music concerts, festivals, fairs, holiday events. Beautiful city parks are perfect for roller-skating, bicycling, nice picnics and other activity. A charming sightseeing bus-train will carry you through the whole downtown starting from Square Market and then around the main tourist spots of Lvov. You can both enjoy a walk along the city center or take a carriage with horses.

This place offers a variety of accommodations, from hotels to apartment rental. Anyone will find the place according to their preferences. Meanwhile, numerous souvenir shops will not leave you without gifts for your family and friends.

Lviv – City of brides

The cozy atmosphere of the city relaxes and soothes, while an abundance of gorgeous women sets for a romantic mood. Western men notice that women in Lvov are not only beautiful, but also well-groomed, pretty-dressed, friendly and charming in conversation. Apart from that many of them speak English or any other foreign language.

The point is that Lvov is famous in Ukraine for its department of foreign languages with very intense studying programs, talented professors and a serious approach to teaching. The department is considered the place of brides, because an overwhelming majority of students are girls. In addition, the faculty is very popular and has stood its ground for already twenty years. So, this is a perfect spot for looking for a wife.

Travel to Lviv is always a fun and awesome experience. It is like a journey through time that will give happy memories for years to come. Admittedly, the town is really unforgettable and unique in its own way. Having visited it once, you will surely find a reason to come back here again.